The Fair & Equitable Programme will drive CVAN’s strategy for the next five years. A pilot research and development phase in 2021/2022 will bring experts and professionals around the table to set the future agenda and lead sector change through decarbonisation, intersectional practice and relevance. The pilot phase has received funding from Arts Council England and Art Fund.

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“We’re delighted to receive these grants which will enable us to embed our Fair & Equitable programme across the sector. This programme will address inequality as well as decarbonisation, both of which are critical to the progress of our arts sector in England. It’s great to share some good news following the pandemic.” Paula Orrell, National Director, CVAN
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The scope of work that this programme will address includes the following four areas: 

  • Inequalities and barriers that people from global ethnic majorities, D/deaf, disabled, neurodivergent, migrant and working-class communities experience in working in contemporary visual arts
  • Widening participation of marginalised communities, especially young people – and access routes into the visual arts
  • Marketing, communications and access development to overhaul and enhance the diversity of new audiences
  • Environmental impact and innovative propositions for organisations and independents to decarbonise

Research and Development Phase
We will develop CVAN so that we’re able to deliver the Fair & Equitable programme across the visual arts in our nine English regions. We’ll support the sector to address systemic inequality, decarbonisation, and relevance through alliances and collective development. Art workers and artist working groups will be invited to set future agendas and create sector development events that bring experts and professionals around the table to deliver actions that ensure equitable practice. 

The Fair & Equitable programme will be grounded in the lived experience of artists and arts workers who are most impacted, building on equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives that have already started in CVAN regions.

Introducing Dr Cecilia Wee
We have appointed Dr Cecilia Wee, FRSA, as Consultant Producer to lead the first phase of this programme and we’re excited to be making progress in this area. Cecilia brings rich experience in curating, education, facilitation, organisational development and a passion for racial and disability justice.