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CVAN England leads a collective agenda for policy change across the visual arts. We campaign to be heard, valued, and recognised so that the sector can thrive now and in the future.

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CVAN is where arts workers come together to drive change in our sector

CVAN is where arts workers come together to drive change in our sector. We are a visual arts network with nine interconnected regions. CVAN England, the national hub, leads the collective agenda. We use our deeply rooted regionality to advocate and campaign nationally to build recognition for the value of visual arts.

We strive to close the gap between the realities that our sector faces and the rationale of decision-makers, so that no changes are made in isolation. We bring together visual artists and arts workers to ensure a combined, evidenced voice is heard, valued and recognised in order that our sector can thrive.

We are proud of our regionality. We all have a part to play. Find out what’s going on in your regional network.

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Our impact


With suitable investment, the sector can create 300,000 new jobs by 2025

Artist and Arts Worker Livelihoods

We have 23 people leading the 9 regions, all of whom are committed to policy change

Regional Networks

People were involved in our #ArtisEssential campaign

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Our vision

A sustainable, fair and
equitable future for our
world-class visual arts sector

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