International Connections

Tai Shani, Turner Prize 2019, courtesy Turner Contemporary and the artist. Photograph by David Levene.

In February 2021 a-n The Artists Information Company, and the Contemporary Visual Arts Network England (CVAN) commissioned BOP Consulting to develop our understanding of the precise ways in which visual arts workers have been affected by the post-Brexit regulations redefining our interactions with Europe.

Based on in-depth interviews with 25 visual artists and visual arts professionals, International Connections: The impact of the UK departure from the European Union on the Visual Arts Sector highlights problems ranging from increased shipping related costs to the loss of access to key European networks and development opportunities. 

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Antonio Roberts, algorave using live generative glitch visuals at AlgoMech Festival, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield, 2017. Photo by Richard Hodgkinson

Next Steps

The impact of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic constitutes an unprecedented situation that requires urgent action from the arts sector, the government and funding bodies. CVAN, as a founding member of the Visual Arts Alliance, is specifically calling for:

  • New funding models to support visual artists and visual arts organisations to engage in creative and economic exchanges between the UK and the EU;
  • Knowledge exchange opportunities to share best practice in relation to post-Brexit international exchange work;
  • Support for pilots such as Arts Infopoint to support the international mobility of artists;
  • Business investment for visual arts SMEs to attract new opportunities and profile work internationally;
  • Representation for the visual arts sector on consultative bodies such as the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement Domestic Advisory Group;
  • Accessible government guidance for artists, specialists, museum professionals, exhibitors or businesses working or exhibiting in an EU country;
  • The introduction of a Commissioner for Freelancers to champion the contribution of freelancers and self-employed arts workers to the UK economy.